Jesus Jimenez

Groom October 2020

Let me start off by saying Melannie has been much more than a wedding photogapher for my fiance and I. She stepped into many roles thoroughout the process and has genuinely wanted to help us achieve our dream wedding at a budget we can afford. She stepped into the role of a wedding coodinator to offer us asvide ranging from where to purchase thing we want, all the way to what the order of events could look like. She has been so helpful and caring since our first meeting. She definetly goes above and beyond for her clients.

Wolfram Family (65)-2.jpg

Monika Wolfram

Family Portrait Cliet

Melannie is honestly one of the best photographers out ther. We did family portraits with 2 little kids and she was very innovative with getting their attention and getting some incredible photos. I will be reccomending her to all of my friends, and I am extremely happy with all of the amazing photos I received!

Mike Thomas

Groom from 2018

Melannie took our photos of our wedding and she was absolutely fantastic, she stepped up and went way above and beyond for us! I would recommend her to anyone that needs fantastic photos taken!!